Who are we?

The Croatian International Studies Association (CISA) is a non-profit organization and independent think tank that interdisciplinary approaches complex social challenges that crucially affect contemporary sociopolitical and international relations, development of new technologies and shaping geopolitical and geo-economic trends.
CISA promotes dialogue between scientific community, state government, and local governments, the business community and civil society organizations, with the aim of designing innovative development solutions and promoting them. CISA brings together researchers capable of answering a wide range of geostrategic questions. It is organized around four areas of activity: research, publishing, event organization and consulting.
CISA is the voice of the independent Croatian scientific and professional public, therefore it positions itself as a partner of the state and political institutions, public media, the business community, foundations, international organizations and the non-governmental sector.
By regularly publishing scientific and professional geopolitical analyzes and weekly columns reviewing domestic, European and international events, CISA strives to contribute to the quality of scientific and media publications and to encourage social debate.


Promote the complex issues of international relations in the context of a new social and security paradigm within the academic community and the interested public, and offer meaningful discussions and analytical concepts to address contemporary social, geopolitical and security challenges.


To be an organization that promotes excellence in analytics, research and debate on foreign policy issues and strategic international challenges, whose independent professional and scientific analysis makes an important contribution to the entire community;
Create a platform for dialogue and exchange of views between key actors in the community, experts from different professional backgrounds and different worldviews: scientists, political leaders, senior government officials, businessmen, military experts and independent experts from all other fields of human activity;
Create an independent Croatian center of expertise and excellence that offers sustainable, scientifically justified development solutions;


Founders Radovan Vukadinović

The Croatian International Studies Association (CISA) was founded in 1999 by professor PhD Radovan Vukadinović, one of the most recognized Croatian scientists in the field of international relations and a longtime full professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. HUMS was created in circumstances of growing interest in the study of international relations in Croatia, especially in the context of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union and NATO. Professor Vukadinović together with his wife, Assoc. Lidija Čehulić Vukadinović, opened the way for her numerous students and associates to achieve the goals that the Association archives.
The members of the association are eminent experts in the field of international relations, lecturers at faculties, employees in state and local self-government bodies, distinguished journalists and postgraduate students. Through its activities, organization of numerous conferences and gatherings, especially the International Summer School “Šipan” and the Conference “Zagreb Forum”, HUMS has become a recognizable organization in the country and abroad.

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